Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 4

Day 4

Morning Glories (Picture 1) are going crazy. Pretty soon I will be transplanting them into (medium sized) biodegradable pots so they have room to grow. This will prevent the Morning Glories from chocking-out any of the other seedlings. (About 2 inches tall)

Hot Biscuits (Picture 2, Row 1) and the Tidy Tips (Picture 2, Row 2) are also growing at a very fast pace and all so strong. I now have the lid off the container and the light on the entire grow system 24 hours a day. (About 1 inch tall)

Seeds that still have yet to show me any signs of life:
Sweet William
Blue Flax

Is that a sprout?
Lenairia - one itty-bitty spout out of a supposed 100. With the seeds being practically microscopic, I am actually surprised to see anything at all!

Baby Dolls have all sprouted at the same rate - just above the soil.

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