Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 19 / Day 7 / Day 4

Day 19

My Morning Glory flowers now need to be supported with some kabob sticks. They are beginning to wrap themselves around the sticks and now reach out towards the light.

I have also given the Mammoth Sunflowers kabob sticks to better support them. Right now, the tops of the Mammoth Sunflowers only have leaves but they appear to be quite heavy. The stem is not strong enough to hold them up all the time. It's almost like some of them take a break and rest and then perk back up again later.

The rest of the flowers seems to be growing just fine - no real change in size, shape, etc. Nothing more really to report.

My next post will contain pictures of what is still growing in the Burpee cells and how they appear to be doing! Until then...


  1. They have gotten soooooooooooooooooo huge!!! Funny how its not even feburary. We're going to have to deal with these for another month. Think they'll be touching the ceiling yet?

  2. Come on hunny, you haven't posted an update in awhile, and I know your plants are going nuts!

  3. STEF!!! UPDATE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

    They are getting sooooo big... share!