Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 16 / Day 4 / Day 1

Day 16

Picture 1 shows my transplanted Morning Glory flowers. Due to their size (about 7-8 inches), I was forced to move the flowers/vines to a larger, individualized, container - I chose 3-inch round peat pots. Let's hope they take this change well.

Picture 2 shows the 4-day old sunflowers already 4 inches tall. They, too, have been transplanted into 3-inch round peat pots. Since the Mammoth Sunflowers are supposed to reach a height of 4-6 feet, I am hoping that this was a good decision until I am bale to plant them into the ground.

Also transplanted were the Bachelor Buttons and the Hot Biscuits flowers. Since these flowers are about 3 inches in height, I chose the 2-inch round peat pots. Some appearing to be weak, I am hoping that the added space for each plant does them well.

Picture 3 introduces a mini-grow system. This grow system belongs to my daughter, Natasha. Today while shopping for the peat pots, she decided that she would like to grow something - her very own Snapdragons!

So far - so good! Both us will do our best to see how well we can grow everything indoors and I will continue to update this blog throughout the entire process! Fingers crossed, everyone!


  1. I found those mammoth sunflowers you have... they can get up to 8ft tall and the flowers can be 2+ ft across! HUGE!